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Equine Permaculture unites like minded horse people that want to learn about the principles and implementation of permaculture (design) and other sustainable farming strategies on their own properties. Our new website is an international platform for all horse and land owners that want to share principles, experiences and education. Anyone can contribute to the website!!

This platform works in a similar way as the Permaculture Research Institute Newsfeed were you can find all the latest posts listed below. With time we hope to build a database for different categories/ topics, which will serve as an open library. But what makes Equine Permaculture different? On this blog site we aim to collect those articles and information that is of particular interest to horse owners. However, we will also touch on livestock, small farm animals, kitchen gardens, house designs, earth works! Anything that is of interest to improving human settlements and responsible integration of horses on properties.

Why join and share your experiences and views?
To build a sustainable future we need to implement new ways of farming and managing pastures. But more than ever we need a paradigm shift, we need creativity.
“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” Although science can guide is in the right direction, there is still a lot to be discovered about how complex adaptive systems function such as soil, plant behaviour, plant-animal interactions, animal behaviour etc.  Sustainability or balance in complex systems can not be found without trial and (mostly) error! On the large scale of time, we are only for a short time custodians of the land, why not share your trial and errors and change the way people manage their land and horses!

Join the movement towards responsible horse keeping and sustainable living using permaculture!

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Educational articles

Collection of educational articles from our regular authors/contributors. Discussing matters on soil heath, pasture management, manure management, property design, horse nutrition and management.  

Workshops & Seminars

Listing of related workshops, seminars, and conferences around the world that horse and land owners can attend.


Anyone can contribute to this website. Your knowledge and experiences can be very helpful to other horse and land owners. 

Join us for our Mission

Earth Care

Preserve ecosystems. Essentially, all life depends upon soil. Its preservation is vital for food security and our sustainable future.

People Care

Live, Share and Inspire. Empowering people with knowledge of natural resources and their management to support sustainable living.

Horse Care

Human-Horse Interaction. Evidence based education to promote responsible horse keeping. Improving the health, performance and well-being of all horses.

Our Team

Mariette van den Berg

Mariette van den Berg is an registered equine nutritionist, dressage rider, coach and official who completed a…

Cristina Wilkins

As a young rider Cristina Wilkins competed in eventing to 3 star level in the UK and…

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