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    Horse & Land Owner Story: A place to Call Home

    Published in Horses and People Magazine Feb 2016 A secluded corner of the Lockyer Valley has, for the second time around, become home to European settlers chasing their dream; to create a prosperous, healthy lifestyle integrating family with their love of horses, cattle and rural country living. “We want to

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    Paddock subdivision allows more strategic grazing

    Published in the Horses and People Magazine March 2016 Most horse owners recognise a horse-sick pasture; the one with poor quality grasses containing weeds, compacted, eroded soils and manure build-up with parasite pollution. Some think the problem is caused by overstocking with too many horses but, did you know that

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  • Equine Property

    What is equine permaculture?

    Published in Horses and People Magazine (Feb 2016) While many people begin to explore ways to make farming more sustainable and others think of the lifestyle choices that can help save the planet, the question is can horse owners be part of the solution instead of adding to the problem?

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    Carob for horses

    By Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc. (Hons), MSc., RAnNutr. (Equine Nutrition) Introduction In a previous article we describe the benefits of trees and shrubs as fodder and provided  some examples of potential forage trees and shrubs for horses (see Alternative forages). Trees and shrubs can supplement the quantity and quality

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  • Jane Stephens Property

    Making changes for the better

    We asked horse and land owners to tell us a short story about their property, pasture and/or horse management journey. We are all aware that this an ongoing process with lots of new learning curves (as we progress). However, each story is unique, and will have some valuable tips that

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