Horse SA Webinar: Birds, bees and bugs around your stables & yards – wildlife friendly management

Your stables, shelters, yards and green spaces around these areas can contribute to natural functions and processes, such as regulating water drainage, buffering the damaging effects of strong winds, or providing food and shelter for native wildlife including birds and bugs. Many wildlife species survive in these areas or structures but their presence and persistence depend on how specific their food and shelter needs are, how they respond to disturbances, and the quality and quantity of other green spaces in these areas. While we want to avoid pest insects and animals that can contaminate horse beddings and feeds or damage property – we should aim to support wildlife species that play a beneficial role in our ecosystems. It is therefore essential that you evaluate the set up and management of these areas, including the use of rain gardens, vegetation choices and different means for controlling weeds and other pests – including a range of eco-friendly products or non-chemcial approaches.

In this 30 min webinar we discuss:

  • Your stables, shelters and yards as attactive habitat for wildlife
  • Common Weeds & Pests problems
  • Managing your buildings and green spaces
  • Rain gardens and vegetation
  • Controlling weeds & pests
  • Supporting wildlife

Mariette has recently finished a PhD in equine behaviour and nutrition. A registered animal nutritionist, Mariette is also a Certified Permaculture Designer. Through her business, MB Equine Services, Mariette provides professional and practical information about horse behaviour, nutrition, management, (forage) enrichment and slow feeding and property design.

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Time: 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm SA Time

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“This project is jointly funded through Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board levy and HorseSA (

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Wildlife friendly management of your stables, shelters, yards and green spaces