Sustainable Horse Keeping NSW Conference (Greater Sydney)

Sustainable horsekeeping NSW


7th May 2016


Western Sydney University, Hawkesbury Campus


Email for full details and to register your interest.


A conference with experts on all aspects of sustainable horse property management.

This is a one-day forum for horse property owners and industry representatives to access the latest expert advice to benefit both your land and your animal. Featuring presentations from international guest speakers as well as home grown Olympic champion Stuart Tinney, the event is aimed at empowering people to implement new practices that will mean better land management and happier, healthier horses.

Celebratory Guest Stuart Tinney, Australian Olympian

  • Talking about the Olympics
  • Managing horses on his property and what are the challenges?
  • No two farms are ever the same!

International expert, Alayne Blickle (USA)

  • Soils and what they mean to you
  • Manure management and composting
  • Sustainable pasture establishment and management
  • On-farm water

Dr Mariette Van Den Berg

  • Forage behaviour and animal health
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Property design
  • Permaculture and what it means?
  • Grazing management
  • Animal wellness exams

Gina Sykes, Bathurst Equine Agistment (TBC)

  • Horses in herds
  • Pasture rotation
  • Exercise
  • What can agisters do to improve conditions for their horses

Guest speaker, LLS Vet (TBA)

  • Why vaccinate against Hendra?
  • PICs?
  • Parasite management
  • Teeth and feet!
  • Horse travel movements

Early bird tickets available for $275 until February 28, 2016. Purchase tickets here.

  • Seminars 9:00 am – 17:00 pm
  • Email for full details and to register your interest.
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