Webinar: Feeding management of pastured horses

“Contribution of pasture and balancing supplementary feeding for horses”

Australian horses are typically managed on small acreage pastures all year round and may be confined to stables or yards for certain periods. Even where horses have considerable access to pasture, they remain largely dependant upon humans for pasture management and the timing, selection and delivery of supplementary feeds. So how do we know how much our pastures contribute to the nutrient intake of our horses and how do we properly balance the deficiencies (or excesses!!) with supplementary feeding? In this seminar we will try and answer some of these questions by reviewing the nutrient requirements of horses and pasture values of some common grass species.

The seminar will discuss: – Nutrient requirement of horses – Pasture values – how much do we know about the nutritional value of grass species – Grass/biomass cover – how to estimate – Supplementary feeding – what (extra) should I feed my horse? – Roughages – Concentrates – Mineral imbalances – Carbohydrate intake – managing the sugar sensitive horse

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