• Making changes for the better

    We asked horse and land owners to tell us a short story about their property, pasture and/or horse management journey. We are all aware that this an ongoing process with lots of new learning curves (as we progress). However, each story is unique, and will have some valuable tips that

  • Drug Resistance in Horse Worms: An Australian Study

    09/03/2015 by Dr Anne Beasley, School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland (reposted from Horses and People Magazine) Three years on from the launch of an Australian study into drug resistance in horse worms, the results are in! The project produced some really useful data which was lacking in the

  • Why I chose the Permaculture path for my (horse) property!

    By Cristina Wilkins (Director, Editor in Chief of the Horses & People Magazine) I have always believed in caring for, rather than caring about horses. This principle was firmly instilled by my parents from a young age and probably guides most of the things I do in life. I didn’t

  • Soil Decision Making

    Posted June 15, 2011 by Campbell Wilson (reposted from www.permaculturenews.org) When you are trying to decide which method of soil improvement to take, sometimes it seems like there are as many different approaches as there are bacteria in a teaspoon of healthy soil. This isn’t necessarily a huge problem when

  • Dung beetles in Australia

    Want to know more about beneficial bugs & dung beetles? Check out the new website Horses Bugs & Beetles! The website and fact sheets are supported by Horse SA Federation and Dung beetle Solutions Australia. The aim is to raise awareness amongst horse property managers, owners and agistees about sustainable

  • Pilot study tests ‘peat pads’ bedding as a way improve air quality in stables

    By Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc. (Hons), MSc., RAnNutr. (MB Equine Services) A recently published pilot study compared the traditional straw with a novel bedding product suggesting it can reduce dust and ammonia concentration levels in stable barns. The Noord-Holland centre of technology (TCNN) worked in collaboration with the Van

  • Foraging behaviour in pastured horses: Is variety the spice of life? | Horses and People

    Foraging behaviour in pastured horses: Is variety the spice of life? | Horses and People. 15/01/2015 by Cristina Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief, Horses and People Magazine Australian researchers investigating the behaviour of domestic horses at pasture have found that, given the opportunity, horses will seek and consume a range of non-pasture species

  • Pasture hydration & the role of trees

    Published in the Horses and People Magazine & Hoofbeats Magazine Hydration & Vegetation Management By Mariette van den Berg BAppSc.(Hons), MSc. (Equine Nutrition) In the previous section we discuss the value of using permaculture principles and Keyline design to build soil, improve soil carbon and fertility, and effectively capture and

  • Mycelium Running: How Fungi Can Help Save the World

    Mycelium Running: How Fungi Can Help Save the World. Posted October 2, 2014 on the www.permaculturenews.org website by Paul Stamets. Review by Sher June When research biologist Paul Stamets suggests fungi can help save the world, he is absolutely serious. In fact, he contends they can rescue it in several

  • Compacted soils and Keyline Design

    Published in Horses and People Magazine & Hoofbeats Magazine Its all about healthy soil By Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc. (Hons), MSc. (Equine Nutrition) Horses compact ground, and they especially love to do so in the corners of paddocks. But when soils are compacted by hoofed animals, rainwater is unable